Through partnerships for churches

We help churches thrive.

Church leaders are often the first point of contact for people seeking help during difficult phases of life. Knowing how to respond to serious and crisis situations can have a huge impact on the outcome for those suffering. ThrivePointe supports churches by equipping leaders for those critical moments, and offering services that help individuals overcome barriers that keep them from thriving in their personal lives and within the church community.

We want to be a church that makes it okay for people to be open about their struggles. And we are glad to have a trusted partner where we can send them for help.

Our Impact Partnerships between ThrivePointe and your congregation are an opportunity to make a difference in your local community, and maximize your investment in physical space. As an Impact Partner, you may choose to have our counselors and coaches onsite to reduce barriers to accessing the mental, behavioral, and emotional health services your community would benefit from. Your partnership with ThrivePointe opens up doors for your people to grow in a faith-based environment and overcome the challenges that your leaders are not equipped to address.

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